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How to play

Guess as many words as you can. You get limited time to form a word. You receive a point for each correct answer. If you run out of time, the incomplete attempt gets parked in the rows below. If there is no more room to park words, the game is over. .

Enter the word using the keyboard or click/tap the letters in order. To undo an incorrect entry, delete/backspace or click/tap on the letter in the answer you want to begin again.

If you solve a word, you get another chance to guess the most recent parked word with some bonus time.

The duration to guess the word and the bonus time decreases the longer you play, as the difficulty level increases every minute.

The Chill mode does not have a timeout, hence the name. You will get 5 minutes of playtime. The Easy mode gives you 30 seconds to solve the word. The Fast play will only give you 15 seconds.